Zsugor fólia mennyiség kalkulátor


The shrink film quantity calculator makes it possible to calculate how much film you will need for a given product or a given complete wrapping task. With the help of this calculator, you will be able to order the film for a given project in advance without the fear that you will run out of it in the middle of the process.
The system is also able to perform comparative measurements (between old and new film type or technology) and it will show you the difference. There will be a chance to calculate shrink cap for pallet shrinkage.

When entering the data use the thickness value formerly calculated by our system.

Specify the width, length, height of the product to be wrapped. Specify the width of the welding frame and the minimum width of waste according to the design of the wrapper (in case of semi-automatic machines min. 50 mm, in case of automatic machines consult the operating manual -generally 25-60 mm of waste; in case of wreath type wrapping there is no waste; in case of shrink cap leave blank both the welding frame width and waste fields). The length of the product is always the side of the product corresponding to the direction of winding of the film. The width of the product is the side which is perpendicular to the above and the height is the height of the product.

The calculator will specify the minimum film quantity needed that is possible according to the technology. If you also enter the film width of the film you intend to use, the system will calculate a maximum consumption of that specific film. If you enter a price too, the system will calculate a per product and total wrapping task cost.

IMPORTANT! Do not change the film density field, only if you know the value! If you do not know the film density, please use the average value offered by the system. The chance to change this number is only given as some manufacturers use special mixtures for their unique film products. So if you know that the value is different, you can enter it into the system.

If you place your mouse above the info buttons next to the input fields, you can check how to fill in the fields correctly.

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