Üdvözöljük a Fólia Számítás portálon


This Film Calculation Portal is able to uniquely reply almost all questions regarded stretch film and shrink film products. Unfortunately, lots of problems may arise during the use of these products and most of them occur because of the improper delivery and the wrong selection of product. With the help of our portal You will get an immediate feedback on all your questions popping up during use, for example:

  • Is the thickness the same as it was when I had placed my order?
  • Did I surely get the amount of film that I ordered?
  • Is the stretch value of the film equivalent to what is expected/what was promised?
  • How much of the specific shrink film or stretch film am I going to need for the given task?

At the preparation stage of this portal we tried to help you to a great extent, although you will need some competence and attention. In case you get multiply different results, the cause of it can be incorrect data input as well as wrong selection of product. When using calculators, sometimes you are unable to understand the results or you can have difficulties when doing so. Should this be the case, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues who are at your disposal. The more data are shown, the more difficult is to interpret the result. Although the less data, the smaller is the chance to have a successful calculation.

Regrettably, as a recurring phenomenon, films that seem to be an absolutely or relatively good buy - with extremely low prices - appear on the market from time to time. We are going to show you what is behind the scenes!
Do not allow anybody to take you for a ride!


  • A scale that is able to measure the weight of a bundle and that of the paper core with 0.1 kg accuracy (under 10 kgs scale with 0.05 kg accuracy)
  • A smaller, more accurate scale, accuracy max. 1 g with 1000 g measuring range.
  • A sharp cutting tool
  • An accurate measuring-tape
To statistically eliminate wrong measurements it is also important that you should repeat the measurements at least 3 times, sporadically. In case there is no significant difference between the results of the three measurements, you can take the measurement as being accurate. In case the three measurements are strongly differing, this means that either the measurement tool is wrong, the wrapper is faulty or the raw material of the film is bad. In any of these cases contact the distributor, the servicing company of the machine or the colleagues of our portal.

It is absolutely a white elephant to spend 60 to 80 000 HUF on film thickness measuring devices and waste your time on learning its handling, we are going to calculate the accurate thickness for you! These measuring devices only show the thickness of film on a specific, 5 mm diameter section, but it is not an informative data. We are going to take the average thickness of a whole section (even 5-6 m2) as a basis!


Our portal is going to serve you as a multifunctional weapon, by which you will be able to control the films you bought or plan to buy. For distributors or producers it will be a demonstration tool, that can be used freely to compare the offered products to the current ones.
As our portal is independent, the input data cannot be connected to or identified with a specific producer or distributor, so there are no tricks around the results.

  • You will be able to calculate the correctness of stretch film data (net and gross weight, thickness, length, stretch value)
  • You will be able to calculate the correctness of shrink film data, and you can convert the cost of film purchased in m2 or kg to cost per unit.
  • You will be able to calculate the expected consumption for the specific product or production process.
  • We happily accept support from producers or distributors which are proud that their products always comply with the specifications, so it is their interest to eliminate tricks from the market.
  • Our portal provides the possibility of adding the data of a specific film in case the producer/distributor indicates that our system does not contain it yet, but there is no possibility to identify the specific film by name of the company or by using a brand name!


  • There is no opportunity to identify a producer/distributor! The only possibility is that the user prints and sends the form containing the measured data to the distributor.
  • Thanks to the above point, the chance of abuse with the calculation is almost zero percent!
  • Besides, statistics of former measurements do not specify the tested products or the identity of the person doing the test either, only the development achieved since the launch of the portal will be trackable.

The founder of this portal has about 20 years of experience in the field of packaging technologies. The idea of the portal was inspired by the success and popularity of prostretch.de portal. According to our prior observations, that portal is looked up more times a day from Hungary as well. But our portal is different as we are not stuck to and do not rely on the checking of one single value, the weight. We are much venturesome than this.
The provider of this site is a limited liability company, currently independent from every company on the packaging technology market. However, we try to cover our maintenance costs with the help of our supporting partners.
End users, private persons, distributors or producers can equally become our supporter. Again, we would like to express that besides the physical characteristics (specified by each producers for each products) no additional 'fine adjustment factors' are added to our formula in case of any of the products and we do not provide any possibility to identify the product type, only physical characteristics are in the focus!